So we were wondering……we make stuff that people want to buy….great. But we thought we might flip this on its head and ask you what you would like Romany Crafts to make. Yes, shock, horror! Someone is actually asking the customer what they would like to see for sale on the Romany Crafts website.

What items would you buy if they were part of the Romany Crafts range? Knitted, sewn, paper, mixed media, glassware, you name it and we will see what we can do. We are working on some pebble art at the moment, we made a 1920’s penguin pebble art box frame as a bespoke order 2 days before Christmas (picture attached), so that is one item you may have been thinking of. But we want to know what you would like that you just cannot find anywhere else. You know…..that idea you had for someone, but when you searched the interweb, you couldn’t find anything remotely similar or of the quality you wanted, so you gave them a box of chocolates instead!

We’re excited to hear your suggestions and having a play to create some amazing items which YOU ask for. So come on, what you waiting for, get your thinking caps on and starting posting on our Facebook feed, our glue gun, knitting needles and sewing machine are poised and ready……..

Much love x